You Personal Training


The personal training sessions were totally worth it - after only 9 sessions, I managed to fit into my summer shorts and engagement outfits!


Of all the trainers I could have chosen in London, I am completely certain I found the best one! I've been working out with You Personal Training for a little under 2 months and I recommend them highly. When I started, my fitness levels were pretty low, so I wanted to get fitter and lose weight as I hadn't been near a gym for a while. Within a relatively short time of training, I find I'm fitter than I have been in years.

The sessions are tough but rewarding; I do a mix of cardio, resistance and strength work and for the first time in ages I really like exercise, and even work out 3-4 times a week by myself in addition to the 1 or 2 sessions per week with my trainer. It's great that I have the guidance to stay on track with the knowledge that I'll be supported to maintain the results afterwards. I'm grateful to You for helping me get there.


I was going traveling and wanted to get in to shape and lose a bit of weight before heading off. You P.T training was great because the workouts and exercises were all tailored to my needs and fitted around my busy work schedule.

I have weak ankles so we worked on strengthening these and also getting my arms and back strong before carrying a heavy rucksack around. The training sessions were really enjoyable and felt varied so it didn't become boring and kept me motivated.

I felt really relaxed with Damian and not intimidated in the slightest, he knew what he was talking about and had a great understanding of the exercises he taught and how they worked the body and muscles. I really appreciated Damian's dedication to helping me reach my fitness goals. I have learned a lot about my physical fitness and exercises to continue to do whilst I'm traveling.

I have really enjoyed my training sessions and am only sorry I can't take Damian with me on my travels!


I train at my home with You Personal Training and I highly recommend them. I love the fact I can get fit in my small lounge rather than at a busy gym. They supplied me with a fitness assessment and nutritional advice which helped create initial motivation to make a positive change. I have had great results and the progressive and fun training means I never get bored and actually looked forward to the sessions.


I started training with Damian in November 2012, in my own home. I cannot recommend him highly enough as a personal trainer and appreciate the convenience and privacy of being able to work out in my living room. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable and clear in setting and explaining routines and their purpose but what really sets him apart is the way in which he has tailored the programme completely to my needs with patience and understanding.

My goals are modest and Damian has respected that, working within my limitations. I have M.E. and one of the effects of this is pain in my legs, not helped by tight hamstrings. He has targeted this area and after only four sessions I feel significantly less aches and pains in my legs and am able to lift them to a therapeutic range, something I have never been able to do throughout my entire adult life. I have witnessed significant improvements in the height at which I can now lift my legs and they ache far less.

Damian has been perceptive in realising that I needed to build my core and leg strength/ flexibility up before I would be able to progress to more challenging exercise. I never thought I would be able to see and feel this significant change after only four sessions. Damian is so encouraging, very personable and professional in his attitude towards me. I wasn't expecting that as an overweight, depressed, middle aged woman with a lifelong antipathy to exercise! I would highly recommend Damian to anyone, who wants to get back into exercising, has never exercised before or is someone who already trains regularly but needs expert advice, motivation and guidance.

Damian has been highly committed to finding innovative ways for me to gain greater flexibility in my legs and has mixed up our sessions so it is never boring. He uses more of the carrot than the stick approach and utilises simple yet highly effective exercises such as squats and lifting small weights to their maximum potential. I never feel that for him, exercise is simply about looking good but rather he has helped me to learn to appreciate my body as a healthy functioning organism.


I am in my 60s and have never done any exercise except walking around London. My sessions have given me so much more energy, flexibility and helped me lose weight. I cannot recommend Damian enough – he is extremely patient, tailors exercise routines to specific needs and makes it all fun!