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Be safe When You are Out Running This Winter

We think there’s something really magical about running in the winter months. Its fresh and cold, but your body keeps you warm from the inside as your heart rate rises. It’s a bit like a nice outdoor hot tub in a ski resort (minus the champagne!)

Its important to keep safe, have the right gear to keep warm and be seen. So we thought we would share our kit pearls of wisdom from our many runs round Crouch End, Muswell Hill, Highgate and Hampstead.

Been seen and been able to see, is vital in the darker months. After trying several head torches of varying cost over the years, we think that the Alpkit Gamma is the best for running and it’s really reasonably priced. The torch has several brightness options and is really powerful on the highest setting. It actually stays on your head when you’re running due to its design and has a red backlight for when you are running away from traffic. The best part? It retails for around £12.50. Bargain!

sports fitness training with a personal trainerA high vis jacket is imperative to keep you visible as well as warm. Jackets can be pricey but we noticed that Sports Direct are offering Karimoor jackets for around £15-£20. They also offer reflective running tights for a similar amount.

If you are running alone it’s also worth considering getting a personal attack alarm. Make sure it’s loud and easy to carry and operate. You can pick these up from places like ebay for under a fiver.

Other stuff you need:

·      A hat

·      Some warm gloves

·      Decent socks – Merrino wool is great when its cold

As we love running so much and as some of you will start preparing soon if you are running any races or marathons next spring, we will start looking at some more useful advice to share. We have also been testing out the funny Vibram Five Finger trainers and will post a review shortly.

Happy Running

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