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Chamonix - Our first year!

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So we did it, we moved to Chamonix! After a couple of years planning and at least one year fretting, here we are, 1 year (well 18 months) later! It’s been the best year and the best decision we ever made! 

Bubba the cat has different feelings about the move to Chamonix. Turns out snow (and the big moggy upstairs!) wasn't what he had in mind. 

So what have we been up to?

Well I have been snowboarding as much as possible. Not without its price as I got Achilles tendonitis. That aside its been great! Hana has improved her skiing tenfold with the help from Chris at Tinderbox Ski School Chamonix, she has moved from a decent skier into a really good one who is happy going very fast! As a well done and partially because she was too good for her old skis, I got her a pair of awesome skis from Black Crows - she’s happy! 

Fitness wise we are running You Personal Training and have team up with a massage therapist and with Sophie for massage in Chamonix which is a nice mix. Its all going well 

I am also doing some marketing work and working with a company who run a Geneva to Chamonix transfer service, check them out if you come visit us in the hills! 

And the big news is, we have bought a chalet! Well half a chalet actually! If your interested you can see it if you click on the link. We were nervous about entering into the bureaucracy of buying a place but the English speaking (thank god!) Real Estaste agent has been great! 

That’s about it from me (if anyone is reading!) I am going to try to update this monthly with musings from the mountains!


Damian in ChamonixDamian and Hana at a summer music festival in Aix le BainBubba in Chamonix