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Top 10 Ways to Lose Weight Without Exercising

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Start With These Tips to Fire Your Metabolism and Start The Fat Fight

So we all know that losing weight or more specifically fat, requires the right exercise programme, but there are things that you can do right now, right this second to kickstart your metabolism and begin the fight against the bulge. Here are the Top 10 Ways to lose weight without exercising

1) Drink Green Tea - Green Tea raises the metabolic rate inducing thermogenesis which stimulates fat oxidation.

2) Avoid Simple Carbohydrates - Simple carbohydrates are metabolised quickly causing an insulin surge, leading to fat gain.

3) Avoid Sugar - Sugar is a type of carbohydrate, it is also very addictive and in huge supply in processed foods. In addition whilst your aim is weight loss, avoid fruit.

personal trainer and female client doing bicep curl4) Cut Down on the Booze - An obvious one this, but alcohol is full of calories, especially the sweet drinks like cider. If you do drink, opt for lower volume (spirits) with low calorie mixers such as Gin & Slim.

5) Take Omega 3's - Omega 3 oil will help flow blood to your muscular system. Whilst exercising this will help stimulate enzymes to transport fat for use as energy.

6) Eat More Regularly - Eat 6 smaller meals consisting of protein (meats/fish/eggs) and green vegetables to keep your metabolism stoked! Eat every 3 hours.

7) Drink Plenty of Water - As well as umpteen health benefits, drinking enough water helps the process of burning calories whilst being dehydrated will slow down fat burning. Aim for around 2.5 litres of water per day. Avoid sugary drinks like fizzy drinks, squash, juice and smoothies.

8) Supplement with L-Carnitine - The fat metaboliser. Liquid 1500 form is particularly effective at metabolising fat, especially around the belly.

9) Get Plenty of Sleep - You body needs enough rest to be able to function, its also vital for muscle development. A lack of sleep releases the fat promoting hormone Cortisol. Get to bed!

10) Take the Stairs - Okay well this is sort of exercise but it's free and you can incorporate it in to your daily commute or life. Ditch the lift and escalator and use those pins that god gave you, thats what they are for!

Please remember though, exercise is important and will be the cornerstone of any weight loss regime. This tip list will work ideally combined with a structured exercise programme. If you are already exercising, add these fat loss strategies to your daily life. If you are not exercising, get started with these tips and start thinking about adding exercise. If you are badly out of shape start light, even just walking, and build up.


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