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Sugar and it's Secret Sisters!

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We all know that sugar is making us fat and is best avoided. With our over-reliance on produced processed foods it's important to be empowered to make the right decisions or at the very least be conscious of the decisions we make.

A great rule of thumb is simply to always check the label. If there is an ingredients label then its a processed food, no matter how healthy you may deem the product to be.

Sadly its not as easy as just looking for sugar on the ingredients. It is dressed up or in slightly different forms so we thought we would compile a list for you. Sugar is also know as:

  • fructose 
  • sucralose 
  • lactose 
  • dextrose 
  • barley malt 
  • beet sugar 
  • brown sugar 
  • buttered syrup 
  • cane-juice crystals 
  • cane sugar caramel 
  • carob syrup 
  • corn syrup 
  • corn syrup solids 
  • date sugar 
  • dextran 
  • diatase 
  • diastatic malt 
  • ethyl maltol 
  • fructose 
  • fruit juice 
  • fruit juice concentrate 
  • glucose
  • glucose solids 
  • golden sugar 
  • golden syrup 
  • grape sugar 
  • high-fructose corn syrup 
  • honey 
  • invert sugar 
  • malt syrup 
  • maltodextrin 
  • maltose 
  • mannitol 
  • molasses 
  • raw sugar 
  • refiner's syrup 
  • sorbitol 
  • sorghum syrup 
  • sucrose 
  • sugar 
  • turbinado sugar 
  • yellow sugar



Be empowered, always check the label


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