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Why Scales aren’t always the best Measurement

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So you have done loads of hard work, your diets been clean, you have avoided carbs and sugars. You have hit the gym hard, spent hours doing as your Personal Trainer has told you. More squats than you care to imagine.

So you should see this reflected on the scales right? Not necessarily.

You see muscle weighs more than fat. Weight training is the cornerstone of any good weightloss programme. Sure some cardio has its place, but the days of the cardio bunny are over.

To burn fat we need to increase muscle. Don’t worry ladies you aren’t going to suddenly turn into Arnie with huge rippling muscles because you don’t have the right hormone makeup for this.

So whilst the scales have their place, don’t get hung up on numbers. Take some before and after photographs or chronicle your photos weekly. The best measure we feel is the mirror, how you feel, how clothes fit and if you want to be a little more scientific body fat, preferably using body fat skinfold calipers.

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