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Aches, Pains and Rollers!

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Heard of a foam roller?

It might sound like it belongs in the bath, but this little piece of inexpensive and basic training kit can help rid you of exercise aches and pains and help you develop a more efficient muscular system.

Essentially you 'roll' different body parts over the hard roller. Your body gets a similar response from a deep tissue sports massage from a physical therapist. This helps break down knots and built up scar tissue, this is called myofascial release.

  Myofascial Massage with Foam Roller

Done in conjunction with a structured stretching and core programme, this form of exercise can be really beneficial from athletes, to those who train a lot, to people who through work or driving find themselves cramped up a lot.

Look out for a post on the most effective exercise to use on the foam roller soon.

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