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Eggs, Eggs, Eggs

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Okay, so we know that eggs are packed with essential proteins needed to help build and tone muscles as well as keep trim.

Something we hear is, "I eat eggs everyday, how can I make my eggs more interesting???"

So we thought we would compile a few basic ideas and recipes to help. Please feel free to email your own to and we will publish them for you.

The Mega Egg

2 whole eggs, 4 egg whites, Olive Oil, Black pepper.

On a very low heat, add a tea spoon of Olive Oil to a medium sized frying pan. Allow to heat for a minute. Crack your 2 whole eggs and four whites into the pan. Try keeping the two yolks on separate sides of the pan (the yolk is the tasty part so keep them spread out!). Using a spatula, keep going around the edges of the pan to separate the mixture from the base to avoid burning. When the base has cooked and turned white (around a minute), take the pan off the heat, add some black pepper and add a lid to the pan. Leave for around two minutes, the heat in the pan will allow gentle cooking your eggs. Before serving, check it is cooked and not 'snotty'. If it is snotty, whack the lid back on for a while longer.

The Medicinal Egg

2 whole eggs, 4 egg whites, Olive Oil, Tumeric powder, Black pepper.

Thought to have medicinal properties, tumeric also helps spice up your eggs and gives them a wonderful vibrant colour. Taking a frying pan, add some olive oil and wait a minute whilst you get the temperature up. Crack the eggs into the pan. Allow them to settle for around 10 seconds whilst you add a sprinkle of tumeric and black pepper. Take a spatula and whip the eggs continually. When they are at the desired consistency for you. Serve

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