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What is Fitness?

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Seems like an odd question right? Ask most people and they’re likely to say things like being healthy, energetic or toned. To some it’s a matter of opinion; it may be what’s relevant to them and their lives. Traditionally fitness was perhaps thought of in terms of bodily function or ‘physical fitness’.

In more recent years in the U.K there has been a huge rise in more ‘holistic’ exercise such as yoga, which amongst other benefits, is said to be great for the mind and spirit.

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To some degree the value of nutrition in fitness has always been known, but thanks to advancing research we now know its actually crucial to all fitness whether maintenance, weight loss, or just general wellbeing.

As we covered earlier, fitness means different things to different people, for example, for some it could be the ability to be achieve everyday tasks such as being able to do their shopping and carry back it back home. To others it could be running a marathon in under 3 hours. But if we collate all aspects together, it helps us have an informed choice on what we choose to do.

Therefore, we will use the term ‘total fitness’ and suggest that broadly this includes:

·      Emotional fitness

·      Social Fitness

·      Spiritual Fitness

·      Mental Fitness

·      Nutritional Fitness

·      Medical Fitness

·      Everyday Functional Fitness

·      Muscular Strength

·      Muscular Endurance

·      Cardiovascular Fitness

·     Flexibility

Overtime we will look to write a blog on each of these areas and offer tips and advice.

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