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Top 10 Reasons People use a Personal Trainer

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Why get a personal trainer? We thought we would take a look at the main reasons that people use a trainer. Over time, we will attempt to write up each area in more details so those who can't have a personal trainer, can use our blog as a guide to help them workout.


The number one reason clients want to use a personal trainer is motivation. It’s imperative that your trainer can motivate you to do one more rep, push a bit harder and keep you up to date with your fitness progression. 

Booked appointments

If you are a gym member, it’s pretty easy to talk yourself out of going to the gym. The only person you need to convince is yourself! When you have a session planned with a personal trainer it's highly likely you are going to adhere and keep to the booked session.  

Motivational Fitness Training


Unless you are built like Rihanna or David Beckham and have the fitness of Lance Armstrong, it’s likely you are not looking your best when you are working out! A personal trainer means that you can work out in privacy, whether that’s in your home, garden or their fitness studio. 

Pay for what you get

Okay you pay a gym membership each and every month, and begrudgingly turn up once every few months because you are racked with guilt for having spent £50 per month, that’s £100 per session! and not going!! With a trainer you pay for the actual training you do (and it's better!!)

Pushed right

Your personal trainer should know exactly what intensity to exercise you at. It’s easy to sit in a health club and push around dumbells that are too light for you. Conversely, many people go in too hard and lift weights too heavy, or do unstructured cardiovascular work, leading to injury. A trainer will monitor your fitness, prescribe exactly what exercise intensity is correct for you, and progress it as and when you are ready.


This is a big one. You wouldn’t believe how many people, even regular gym goers of years, get technique wrong. This not only makes the exercise ineffective, it can lead to injuries and postural problems. A personal trainers job is to make sure each and every rep, stride and pull is performed effectively.

Sports science

Your personal trainer didn’t do all that studying for nothing. Modern advancements in sports science, kinesiology, structured programming and recovery, mean that you get the very best fitness programme developed to maximise every minute spent exercising with your trainer.


Many personal trainers have also studied nutrition and can give you advice to go with your exercise plan, whether your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle, get fitter or run a marathon. 

Same old workout

The best personal trainers will evolve your exercise plan as your fitness evolves. This should leave you feeling like it's a new challenge and keep boredom at bay.

Workout at home

Lots of people prefer to workout at home. Some personal trainers come to visit you in your home so you can workout in privacy. This is an option people use if they have kids to look after, work from home or just prefer the privacy.


Having a good rapport with your trainer is going to help you keep motivated and have fun!

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