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The Vitamin D Outdoor Fitness Training Plan

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At the time of writing, North London is basking in a very warm early spring. The clocks have just gone back, so it's light later in the evening and a perfect time to kickstart your fitness. We thought we would put together a basic fitness plan you can do outdoors with minimal equipment so you can enjoy the sunlight and get some air in your lungs!


Do some light all over stretching to get you body prepared

Warm up - Jog

Go for a light jog round a park. Don’t push to hard. You are aiming for an effort level of roughly 5 out of 10. At this point we are still preparing your body for exercise – 10m

Cardiovascular system – Interval Training

Only do intervals if you have been doing some exercise over the last few months. If you haven’t, then just extend your jog from 10m to 20m.

personal trainer using trx for core doing plank in a park

Interval training is a mixture of steady paced running and high intensity running. It challenges your body as it uses different energy systems. The easiest way to start, is to use trees or other markers to do ‘intervals’ of about 1m at a higher intensity. Try to aim for around effort level 7 out of 10. In between, jog for around 3 minutes as a recovery at around effort level 5 out of 10. Do 3 sets of each:

3m steady pace – effort level 5

1m higher intensity- effort level 7

3m steady pace – effort level 5

1m higher intensity- effort level 7

3m steady pace – effort level 5

1m higher intensity- effort level 7

Total = 12minutes

As this becomes easier you can progress both levels of intensity or move on to try Fartlek training.

Resistance Training for Muscle Toning and Calorie Burn

Legs – Lunges – 12Reps each leg, 2 Sets

Chest - Press ups or Knee Press Ups – 12 Reps, 2 Sets

Bum/Legs – Squats – 12Reps, 2 Sets

Back – Resistance Band upward row – 12 Reps each leg, 2 Sets

Biceps – Resistance Band bicep curls – 12 Reps, 2 Sets

Shoulders – Resistance lateral raises – 12 Reps, 2 Sets

Triceps – Dips off a park bench – 12 Reps, 2 Sets

Core – The abdominal Plank – hold for 60 seconds, 2 Sets

Core – Alternate leg/arm raises – 20 Reps

Cool Down

Go for a light 5 min jog at about effort level 5 out 10


Static stretches for the whole body

That’s it, a basic training plan to start your fitness for the summer with simple exercises.  The only equipment needed is your sports wear, a resistance band, the great outdoors and a sprinkling of sunshine!

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