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I want to be a Personal Trainer!

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Training to be a trainer

We get lots of people we meet, be it clients, friends or acquaintances, who want to know how to become a personal trainer. We thought we would write a post about our knowledge and experiences of the fitness industry, where we think are the best places to learn and practice steps to get there.

What is a personal trainer?

A personal trainer is an exercise professional whom is qualified to work one to one on the fitness goals of a client. But how does that differ from a fitness instructor or gym instructor? Well it’s mainly about their level of qualification and understanding of fitness, kinesiology, nutrition and sports science. In the UK, the first qualification you get is a gym instructor qualification. This is a Level 2 qualification and with it you can work in a gym, give client inductions, design basic exercise programmes and be on hand to help with any client questions about fitness. To be a personal trainer you also need this qualification before you can then go on to study the more intricate details of human body movement, fitness testing, nutrition, programming, periodization, and weight loss at Level 3.

How to be a personal trainer

As mentioned above you have to first take your qualification to become a level 2 gym instructor. The course looks at the basics of movement, gym equipment, client interaction and basic exercise programming.  The qualification consists of a practical along with a theoretical exam.  Once qualified you can move on to study for a Level 3 Personal Trainer course. They are generally split into modules which may include:

·      Personal Training – Kinesiology/programming

·      Nutrition

·      Weight Management

·      Fitness measurement and assessment

Again the Personal Training module consists of a practical and theory exam.

Where can I find a personal trainer course?

Training courses for personal trainers are plentiful. In our experience we would recommend:

·      Lifetime

·      Future Fit

·      Premier Training

Some companies offer personal trainer courses in a crash course format. Our opinion is there is a lot of information you need to learn and retain. The fast track personal trainer courses teach the information and then test you on it. Not the best way to study and process all the important details in our opinion, so we recommend that you opt for a personal training course where you have time to learn properly, it will bode well for the years ahead and allow you the time to become the best personal trainer you can be! Reps which is the Register of Exercise Professionals is a good place to look for providers.

Jobs as a personal trainer

There are various ways to ply your trade as a personal trainer. The route most people take is to be employed by a big gym such as Virgin Active. You could also work for a smaller private gym, leisure centre or even open your own mobile business or private fitness studio. Some trainers even get roles working in niche areas such as cruise ships!

Personal trainer specialities

There are many areas you can specialise in which are great for your C.V, and also add an additional element to your enjoyment. These include:

·      Pre-natal exercise training

·      Post-natal fitness training

·      Active ageing

·      Referred /specialist populations

Personal trainer salary

The salary of a personal trainer really depends on what route you choose, how experienced you are, how good you are at your job, how good you are with client interaction and the location you work in!

Personal Trainer Development

To be the best personal trainer out there you need to keep ahead of new developments, refresh your knowledge and engage with different schools of thought. The internet and industry texts are great ways of keeping up to date as well as attending CPD workshops (career personal development.) These include things like:

·      Boxercise

·      Body Pump

·      Group Cycle/Spinning

·      Kettlebell training

·      Boxing pad work

·      Trx suspension training

·      Trx rip training

·      Core stability

·      Vipr training

We think its best that you choose cpd’s that you are genuinely interested in as the passion flows from you too your clients. You can also take some of the courses highlighted in Personal Trainer specialties. 

At You Personal Training we tailor our programmes to you, your body and your goals. It is very much about you and we will do everything we can to get you where you want to be. Click on the homepage for further details


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